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Выберите соответствующую форму. tom and mary live/lives in england. they both work/works in london,

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Tom and Mary live in England. They both work in London, but they don't live there. Mary works in a hotel and Tom drives a taxi. They both enjoy their jobs, because they meet a lot of people. They live in a very nice house, but they want to move. We like our jobs, Mary says but we have to travel to London every day. It takes a long time and it costs a lot of money. Mary wants to buy a house in London, but houses there cost a lot, too.


Here we practise The Present Simple Tense.

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1. Every country has a national flag.

2. Can I have some coffee, please?

3. Somebody has taken my camera. I can't find it everywhere.

4. Sarah went to the shop but she didn't buy anything.

5. I'd like to make somo friends but I haven't met any young people yet.

6. I'm hungry. I want something to eat.

7. It was Sunday, and the town was deserted. no one was in the streets, and nothing was open.

8. Dave is so nice. everyone likes him.

9. "Where do you want to go on holiday?" - "Somewhere hot."

10. Nobody knows everything.

11. Every student has to obey school regulations.

12. I asked if somebody wanted an ice-cream but nobody did, so I just bought one for myself.

13. We had to walk home because there was no bus.

14. My sister never has something trouble learning foreign languages.

15. "What do you want for breakfast?" - "anything. I don't mind."

16. Does someone want a cup of coffee?

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when the time for the next elections came, it was clear that the most important question would be slavery. there were four candidates, but a northerner called abraham lincoln won the election. in his inaugural address lincoln warned the southerners that they shouldn't destroy the union of the states, but they didn't listen. in february 1861 eleven southern states formed their own union, which was called the confederacy, but abraham lincoln wouldn't let them split up the country. and so the civil war began.  the north (their army was called the union army) was actually more powerful than the south: as you remember, they had more men, and their factories produced weapons and supplied the northern army with everything it needed. but the confederacy had one big advantage: they didn't have to invade the north, they just had to protect their own land and homes. at that time a lot of people thought that it would be possible. so at first, the  confederacy had more luck; their men were better trained and fought with more spirit. just as in the revolutionary war, americans from the south were once again fighting for their independence. the union soldiers were getting tired. after they lost some important  battles, the anti-slavery idea wasn't enough to inspire them any more. the southerners felt that just one more big victory would be enough to win the war. 

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