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Відповісти на питання 1.what do you put on a cut finger? 2.what form of medicine do you use if your

Відповісти на питання 1.what do you put on a cut finger? 2.what form of medicine do you use if your eyes hurt? 3. where is the patient put if he cann't move? 4. what is put on a broken leg or arm? 5.what are the main four forms of medicines?
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5)tablet drops pill mixture

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1. Вам следует усердно работать, чтобы подготовиться к своим экзаменам.

You have to work hard to get prepared for your exams

2. Если вы хотите составить свои экзамены успешно, берите ответственность за свое собственное обучение.

If you want to pass your exams successfully, take responsibility for your own studying.

3. Мы не знаем точно сколько людей изучает иностранные языки.

We don't know exactly how many people study foreign languages.

4. Ты веришь в суеверия?

Are you superstitious?  

5. Если ты истощен, выбери музыку, которая заставит тебя расслабиться.

If you are (emotionally) drained, choose the music which will make you relax.

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1. Customs officers CLEAR cargo and transport means at check-points and warehouses. 2. Some passengers ARE PUNISHED with penalties if they BREAK laws. 3. It IS clear that he WON'T BE ABLE to pay the amount of duty, that the excise officer HAS STATED in the voucher. 4. The suitcases ARE LABELED and sent off to be loaded into the hold of an airplane. 5. If a person EXCEEDS Duty and Tax Free Allowance he PAYS the duty for the excess. 6. The Customs officer WORKED indoors yesterday. 7. The Customs officer stopped the passenger when he WAS TAKING out a big collection of stamps. 8. In the times of Kievan Rus, taxes WERE COLLECTED) for the transportation of goods through the frontiers. 9. He WAS FOUND not guilty and WALKED free from the court. 10. When he THOUGHT OVER the customs tariffs he CAME  to the conclusion that it SERVES the development of the country.

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