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31.08.2022 09:12

Как вы скажите это по ? их питомцы - ? их дети - ? наш доктор - ? наши соседи - ? наше любимое блюдо

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31.08.2022 20:43

their pets

their children

our doctor

our neighbors

our favorite dish

your sisters

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31.08.2022 20:43

their pets, their children, our doctor, our neighbors, our favorite dish, your sisters.

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31.08.2022 16:39
At the present English language is an international language. Nowadays people use English everywhere. Even though if people aren't the native speakers. English is always a changeable language during all the time. English language contains a lot of foreigner words which were taken from different countries. Nowadays knowing English is the requirement for all specialists.
There are people who believe that language became easier. If the language is very easy to learn so people will have a network with today's and future generations.
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1. You can't see Tom now: he is having a bath.

2. He usually drinks coffee but now he is drinking tea.

3. What she (does she do in the evenings? - She usually (plays cards or (watches


4. He usually (speaks so quickly that I do not understand) him.

5.Ann is making a dress for herself at the moment. She (make) all her

own clothes.

6. Tom can't have the newspaper now because his aunt is reading it.

7. The kettle is boiling now. Shall I make the tea?

8. I always buy lottery tickets but I never win anything.

9. Do You always (write with your left hand?

10. do You know why ah apple fall down and not up?

11. He never listens to what you say. He always thinks about

something else.

12. What do you have for breakfast usually? - I usually (eat a carrot

and (drink a glass of cold water.

13. Do You (recognize that man? - I think that I have seen him before

but I do not remember his name.

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