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25.04.2023 23:36

Ii. раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в passive voice. 1). the house (to protect) with a marble pavilion.

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25.04.2023 14:40

1)is protected

2)will be painted

3)is looked for

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They would often play chess in the evening.
My father older then my mother by 5 years.
They have three children.
My mother is forty years old.
Tomorrow from 8 to 9 I will call you.
By end of this year I read 2 books in English.
When he arrived at the station the train had already left.
When I came home , my mom was making dinner.
He showed you yesterday its a new picture?
She writes a letter to her friend.
They are building a house since last year.
They just came home.
Your sister has children?
I'll be here tomorrow.
What did you do yesterday?
I didn't know he speaks English very well.
English is spoken people all over the world.
English is very popular .
Work will not be completed by September
Where's the letter? It was sent.
I didn't know that he's gone to the movies.
They told us that going to the library.
I thought you had left England.
She said she would be happy to see us again.
We had hoped that he was home.
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On Monday. In the morning I get up and I go to school to gain knowledge. After lessons I usually go home, I do homework, I eat and I have a rest, in the evening before going to bed I brush teeth and I prepare for a dream. So usually repeats all days except days off, to vacation.
For example if my friends have a Birthday, I prepare for it. every day a lot of things mean to me, every day at me occurs on the, but most often in that order in which I wrote you earlier. I would like to describe a lot of things.
В понедельник. Утром я встаю и иду в школу чтобы получать знания. После уроков я обычно иду домой, делаю уроки, кушаю и отдыхаю, вечером перед сном я чищу зубы и готовлюсь ко сну. Так обычно повторяется все дни кроме выходных, до каникул.
К примеру если у моих подруг День Рождение, то я готовлюсь к нему. каждый день значит для меня многое, каждый день у меня происходит по своему, но чаще всего в том порядке, в котором я вам писала ранее. Мне бы хотелось описать многое.
Присоединяйся к нам!
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