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What children can do on a rainy day? peter is a big boy. he is ten. bobby is his brother. he is seven. ann is their sister. she is only five. they are gay happy children, but today they are not gay. today is a raine day. oh, what a rainy day is today! what can they do on a rainy day? they like to play and ryn in the yard but today they cannot go out.

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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 18:30, кек945
Выбрать и обвести нужную форму глагола.1.my brother (repairs/will repair/repaired )my bike yesterday.2.my little sister usually (plays/will play/played)puzzles in the evening.3.mag (does/will do/did)the washing up half an hour ago.4.alex (doesn't/won't/didn't)water the flowers yesterday.5.his grandma (doesn't/won't/didn't)go to the country tomorrow.
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Английский язык, 06.03.2019 22:20, bogdansoroka20
Нужно употребить подходящий модальный глагол или его эквивалент. 1. you not come to help me tomorrow: the work is done. 2. i take this book? - certainly? but you not give it to anybody. 3. they to go to new york yesterday. 4. john hot tell us the rules of the game: we know them. 5. it is late. you take a taxi. 6. you tell me the way to the
bank, please? 7. we have a lot of time. we hurry. 8. oh dear, i (not) remember her address. 9. if we are lucky we see the whole match. 10. you take this book: i don't heed it.
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Английский язык, 07.03.2019 15:30, ангел769
Пмогите, неообходимо описание комнаты, желательно с изображением или хотябы ссылку к нему, описание на языке,
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Английский язык, 10.03.2019 10:10, yanayana6
Всместо многоточия нужно вставить артикли : the ; -- kettle filled . i don't mind staying at and looking after this afternoon . if you went to you would enjoy it there. hotel was almost completely destroyed by fire last saturday . you can't expect and support from your family of you don't give to them. didnt have to clear up after .
staff did all day. birds can fly high in . they manager to arrive on despite heavy snow storm. gallery is located in square . in sprite of that was complained. plans to help and . will drop significantly during . this year has been less severe that last year. i enjoy talking to people. arthur clarke began writing science fiction . could you turn down music? it's too
loud. cover with a lid when has boiled and let it simmer. he promised he would never bet on . he is having difficulties now. is thicker than . , desert, stretches across north . tom and margaret are going to visit their son tommy at . have you heard that thompsons are moving from springfield to indianapolis? people of world knew was round. now believe first started in
what is now . chinese always produced bronze items to be found world. very benefical to . continuously directed during downpour.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 14:16, Albina7890
Перевести на следующие предложения. , не пользуйтесь переводчиком, пишите школьными, понятными словами.1) мы не любим ссориться с близкими людьми.2) я стараюсь избегать встречь с неприятными людьми.3) они закончили писать тест 5 минут назад.4) мальчики обещали прийти вовремя.5) этот новый фильм
стоит посмотреть.6) учитель предложил поехать в москву в мае.7) я надеюсь сдать экзамены хорошо.8) мы предпочитаем остаться дома в плохую погоду.9) она преуспела в танцах.10) он преуспел в игре на пианино.​
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 16:40, maks200906
Составьте 3 предложения утвердительных, 3 вопросительных, 3 отрицательных в времени.
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