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Составить предложение из слов like,you,would,some,milk

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Английский язык, 19.05.2019 00:23, kuku2288
Правильно расставить слова. 98
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Английский язык, 19.05.2019 01:50, mandryginaanya1nyaa
Написать сочинение-ответ на следующее письмо: last summer my parents and i went hiking to the mountains. we spent the whole week together and enjoyed it very much. how often do you take active holidays? who do you think is the best company for you? what extreme sports would you like to try, if any, and why? last mounth our english class got an interesting project. we wrote a paper about interesting events in the past of our write a letter to tom in your letter: answer his questions ask 3 questions about his progect paper
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Английский язык, 19.05.2019 00:01, nabiulinadasha
Вставьте tоо или еnоugh и словав скобках, соблюдая правильныйпорядок слов.1 i can't see properly. it's (dark). ( пример )2 can you put more ice in my water, please? it isn' (cold).3 i threw away the jacket. it was (old).4 i can't run fast. i'm not . (fit).5 you can't wear that shirt. it's (small).6 i won't sunbathe today. it isn't (hot).​
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Английский язык, 19.05.2019 01:50, AnnHaylen
Составить предложения со словами internet provider, password, log on/log off, virus, hacker, internet link, spam, browse, download, online/offline, website, surf/surfer, world wide web, homepage, hypertext ,attachment ,text file/sound file/image file, e-mail address/e-mail message ,access the internet
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Английский язык, 19.05.2019 01:50, pyankova7264
Нужно найти ошибки в тексте sports is an important part of cultural tradition in great britain. two especially well liked national sports are tennis and football. for football fans, nothing can compare with the excitement produced every four-years by the world championship, an event which is watched world-wide. this event is not only a possibility to watch top class football, it is also an opportunity to see some of the most well known players in the world, celebrities in their own right. for tennis fans, wimbledon, which takes place every june, is the event to pay attention .this championship tennis competition is not only a sporting event – it is a culture event. it is not uncommon for tennis fans to take a small holiday so that they can watch the matches undisturbed. while some tennis lovers watch the games in the comfort of their living-rooms, others are happy to brave the unpredictable june weather to watch the games played live. there is some discussion about whether the enormous wages paid to professional sportsmen are extremely high, but for many fans, the big pleasure received from watching a true professional in action is worth any price.
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Составить предложение из слов like,you,would,some,milk...

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