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What are they doing? Complete the sentences
using present continuous.
1. The cat .
on the roof.
2. The bird.
3. The girl
the guitar
5. Peter .
the room
6. Helen and Tom
(watch) TV.
7. Antony
там надо в present simple а не в present continuous

What are they doing? Complete the sentencesusing present continuous.(walk)(sing)(play)1. The cat ...

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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 08:48, 060609
Перевидите диалог. если будет через переводчик отмечу как нарушение. a: джон, одевайся быстреемы опаздываем. b: мне одется я порезался. c: сара где вы там? a: джон поранился, наверное он не сможет поехать с нами! c: пускай остается дома, я позову щас соседку-медсестру. a: устраивайся поудобнее,
и жди соседку-медсестру. b: хорошо. a. пока джон. b: пока.
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Составь слово: n, c,u, o,t составь предложения из слов: 1)name, is, her, jane. 2)nice, is, she, girl, a .3) well, can, she, dance .4) has, red, she, got, hat, a .
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Перевести текст используя словарь при необходимости​
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Дополните предложения, употребляя модальные глаголы или их эквиваленты в утчредительной или отрицательной форме. 1. you remember the adress? - i not even remember the street. 2. the sick man had restless night, but he sleep for an hour or two. 3. he was very strong, he ski all day and dance all night. 4. when they buy a car, they visit their friends more often. 5. you ring the bell, i have a key. 6. you drink this: it is a poison. 7. the buses were all full, i get a taxi. 8. what were your instructions about phoning, bill? - i phone him at 6.00. 9. that hat doesn’t suit you, you buy another one. 10. tom was often late and his father told hiim that he wake up earlier. 11. the policeman told the driver that he drive more carefully. 12. the woman is looking ill. she see a doctor.
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Мой любимый кумир по дзюдо по написать не ! заранее
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Change the sentences using these expressions with the right prepositions and the gerund. to avoid, to be worth, to give up, to be fond of, to keep, to look forward, to be proud, to put off, to succeed 1. she wanted a place at oxford and she managed to get it. 2. tom doesn't smoke anymore. 3. try not to look at the textbook. 4. kate decided to leave later than she had planned. 5. this bicycle breaks all the time. б. ann really wanted to see her friend again. 7. our mum likes to tell everybody that she got the first prize in the local beauty contest. 8. i like to ski. 9. i would recommend anyone to watch this film.
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What are they doing? Complete the sentencesusing present continuous.(walk)(sing)(play)1. The cat .on...

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