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Употребите прилагательные в превосходной степени.

a) The United States is the fourth (large) nation in the world.

b) The U. S. president is one of the (powerful) men in the world.

c) The queen is the (prominent) person in Britain.

d) The U. S. is one of the (prosperous) countries in the world.

e) The Big Sleep was one of the (good) films based on a novel by Chandler.

f) This is one of the (difficult) crosswords I’ve ever tried.

g) It was one of the (hot) days of the year.

h) He’s the (strong) man I ever saw.

i) It was one of the (frightening) bushfires we ever had.

j) This must be the (bad) hotel in town.

k) It’s the (reliable) car I ever had.

l)This is the (strange) film I’ve ever seen.

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очень нужноУпотребите прилагательные в превосходной степени.a) The United States is the fourth (larg...

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