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8. Read the sentences, point out the Continuous Tenses. Give the Russian equivalents.
1. We use this scheme when we are discussing the problem.
2. Now he is sitting at the lesson.
3. These learners are working now at about the same speed as their classmates.
4. At 10 o’clock tomorrow he will be taking the exam.
5. He is watching TV at the moment.
6. Primary school pupils are being taught such skills as reading, writing, and arithmetic.
7. They were receiving instructions in different subjects the whole month.
8. At the moment the pictures are being described by the pupils.
9. He was visiting the museum from 4 till 6 o’clock yesterday.
10. The classes are being attended by the students all the term.

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8. Read the sentences, point out the Continuous Tenses. Give the Russian equivalents. 1. We use thi...

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