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Найдите ошибки 1. my bag is as clean as her one. 2.this book is interesting as that one. 3.his brother is older than hers brother. 4. yours mistakes are as bad as mine ones.

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Английский язык, 27.02.2019 00:20, aalleeks
.(Change the following sentences from present indefinite tense to the present continuous tense. add a word or phrase like nontinuous tense. add a word or phrase like now, today, at this moment, at present to each sentence. 1.i write a letter. 2.richard walks to school. 3.we live in that house. 4.my father works in his garden. 5. the book lies on the table.6. the train stops at the station. 7.we travel to
london.8.the gardener cuts down a tree. 9.john comes home.10.the shopkeeper ties up the parcel.).
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Английский язык, 28.02.2019 00:00, SanzhikGanzhik
Write what you think caan cause and misunderstanding between: teachers and teenagers i belive that the most common reason ton conflicts between teachers and studenys
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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 23:00, Ananasabricos
Вставить: an, in, by, of he's traveling the 8 o'clock train she is afraid of traveling plane do not lean window pavement
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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 23:30, Odesskiy2003
Complete the sentences with correct future form of the verb in brackets. a) we (visit) my grandparents this weekend and i'm really looking forward to it. b) i'm tired so i think i (go) to bed. c) what time the next train (leave) for luxor? d) i (let) you know as soon as adam arrives. e) i'm sorry i can't come to the party because i (write) my english essay tonight. f) i (never be) rich but i hope to
be happy. g) if you come out for a walk, you (feel) much better. h) robert (go) to music college when he (finish) school.
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 00:40, ovveall
Нужно поставиь либо much либо many - are there (much\many) oranges on the tree? there isn, t (much\many) bread for my sandwich. i need (a lot of\ much) tomatoes to make a salad. do you need (much\many) butter for the cake? how (much\many) coconuts are there in the basket?
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 23:20, sdfsdfsddf
Перевести предложения из прямой в косвенную речь. -what your full name? -when and where were you born? -did you have a nice trip from spain? -have you ever been to creat britain before? -do you like the country? -what subjects would you like to study? -what are your mars in english and history? -how long have you been studying english? -have you have already
taken the test? -do you have any heath problems?
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Найдите ошибки 1. my bag is as clean as her one. 2.this book is interesting as that one. 3.his broth...

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