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Найдите ошибки 1. my bag is as clean as her one. 2.this book is interesting as that one. 3.his brother is older than hers brother. 4. yours mistakes are as bad as mine ones.

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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 14:30, RaritetnuWioN
Перевестипредложение. 1.ябылавчеравшколе. 2.винзодивтам.. 3.тыегознаешь. 4. работу. вставитьнужные слова. 1. happy yesterday. 2. it. 3. this story.
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Английский язык, 17.03.2020 04:54, Пездюк1
Choose the correct word.
1 Merlin created/made a contest to see who
could pull the sword from the stone.
2 People believed he had magical/huge powers.
3 There are a lot of special/fascinating figures in
4 Fashion fads/hits don't last very long.
5 Avatar is a computer-generated/fiction film.
5x2=10 marks
5x2=10 m
Here you a
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Английский язык, 17.03.2020 05:32, xLAFFYx
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https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_w0v0s56k
https://www. schooltube. com/media/A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+%E3 %80%90FuLL+Horror+The+Movie%E3%80%9 1+2020/0_w0v0s56k
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Английский язык, 17.03.2020 06:36, anastasiysu77
Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужной форме.
1. If I (to be)busy, I (not to go)to the concert. 2. If she (to come )to help me yesterday , we (to do) this work quicker . 3. If you (to put)on your glasses, you (to see better. )4. He (to be )very displeased, if you (not to ring )him up. 5. If you (not to be ) so careless about your health last month, you (to consult )the doctor.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 01:30, Pomogite5pozalystaz
Перепишите и письменно переведите на язык следующие предложения, принимая во внимание, что субъектный и объектный инфинитивный обороты большей частью соответствуют придаточным предложениям 1. he is believed to be of different opinion on this
question. 2. our teacher hates us to be late. 3. the members of the committee were expected to come to an agreement. 4. he ordered the documents to be checked carefully. 5. he ordered the secretary to check the documents carefully. 6. the river is believed to be suitable for navigation.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 05:50, yuliko13
Составить не большой рассказ на ,про мою комноту.
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Найдите ошибки 1. my bag is as clean as her one. 2.this book is interesting as that one. 3.his broth...

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