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Написати 10 речень на тему якби я була президентом if i were president

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Легенький текст на о мариинском дворце.
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Переведи этот текст самостоятельно! my name is lera. i go to school, me ten years! i very much like to skate and i am engaged in dances. i the honors pupil! i live in the city of moscow!
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Choose the correct word.
1 Merlin created/made a contest to see who
could pull the sword from the stone.
2 People believed he had magical/huge powers.
3 There are a lot of special/fascinating figures in
4 Fashion fads/hits don't last very long.
5 Avatar is a computer-generated/fiction film.
5x2=10 marks
5x2=10 m
Here you a
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Https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_242dcv37
https://www. schooltube. com/media/%2AHD1080P+A+Quiet+Place+ Part+II+FULLMOVIE+2020/0_242dcv37 https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_4ky6p5zu
https://www. schooltube. com/media/A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+%28 2020%29+++WATCH+ONLINE+STREAMING/0_ 4ky6p5zu
https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_w0v0s56k
https://www. schooltube. com/media/A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+%E3 %80%90FuLL+Horror+The+Movie%E3%80%9 1+2020/0_w0v0s56k
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1. read and write as in the example. iryna is in london for two days. this is her plan of things to do. use the list and write as in the example. example: she has to by a toothpaste. things to do - buy a toothpaste - buy some stamps - visit places of interest - take photos - buy a birthday card for mum
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Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужной форме.
1. If I (to be)busy, I (not to go)to the concert. 2. If she (to come )to help me yesterday , we (to do) this work quicker . 3. If you (to put)on your glasses, you (to see better. )4. He (to be )very displeased, if you (not to ring )him up. 5. If you (not to be ) so careless about your health last month, you (to consult )the doctor.
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Написати 10 речень на тему якби я була президентом if i were president...

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