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Подставьте следующие предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму: 1.these engineers work at the ministry. 2.our lesson begins at 8 o"clock. 3.mike gets up at 7 o"clock. 4.our friends take their child to the nursery scholl. 5jane goesto school every day. 6.she cooks breakfast in the morning. 7.we eat eggs and ham at breakfast. 8.jane drinks milk every morning. 9.he comes home early on saturday.

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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 10:00, MrsDrew
Write 8-10 sentences about the weather you like and why you enjoy this kind of weather
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 12:40, сашамо
1)what was the difference between tabloids and broadsheets in the past? 2)what the difference between them nowadays? 3)what do tabloids write about? 4)what do broadsheets focus on?
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 17:30, kgrdva
Choose a word from the table above to describe how you feel in these situations and write it in blanks. more than one word is possible you how do you feel when have an argument with your best friend? don't have any friends? play with your pet? are out of luck? are in troble at school? break a mirror? don't have a girl\boyfriend? win a prize? have a pet and it dies? are in luck? aren't allowed to
go out in the evening?
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Английский язык, 17.03.2020 06:36, anastasiysu77
Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужной форме.
1. If I (to be)busy, I (not to go)to the concert. 2. If she (to come )to help me yesterday , we (to do) this work quicker . 3. If you (to put)on your glasses, you (to see better. )4. He (to be )very displeased, if you (not to ring )him up. 5. If you (not to be ) so careless about your health last month, you (to consult )the doctor.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 22:10, shalaeva03
Надо! write questions using the words in brackets. 1. jim is going to eat a pizza. ( 2. i saw an old friend last week. ( 3. tom has got a radio. ( 4. jane cleans the room once a week. (how 5. he works in a bank. ( 6. i left school ten years ago. ( 7. jill goes to the cinema once a month. (how 8. i have been a teacher for ten years. (how 9. mike is going to cut the grass. ( 10. i saw my grandfather
yesterday. (
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 23:20, Катя092006
Текст на тему" мой день" например i get up at 7 oclock
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Подставьте следующие предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму: 1.these engineers work at t...

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