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Переведите текст "the queen finds prince charles'dimcult 'and is annoyed about his extravagant lifestyle writes margaret rhodes, the late queen mother's niece and lady-in waiting who ves in windsor. she says the relationship between the monarch and her eldest son has been tense for years. the queen rinds prince charles extravagant and she does not like that. mrs rhodes, 76, who has lived at the hean of the coun for most of her life, adds it is very much a generation thing. like any of us who ved through the rationing of the last war, the queen does not believe in spending more than necessary, prince charles is an enormously hard-working man cornmitled to charity work. but his attitude towards spending and enter taining is very much different to that of his mother the queen has long had a reputation for watching the pennies and legend says that she goes round buckingham palace turning the lights off. charles on the other hand has been often criticized for the number of servants he employs and his extravagant entertaining. in his own biography charles allowed author jonathan dimbleby to describe his childhood as deeply unhappy, portraying his father as a bully and his moth er as aloof and uncaring. this has both hurt and angered philip and the queen who remember their son's childhood quite differently. charles is a romantic and i'm a pragmatist, "philip once said." and because i do not see things as a romantic would, i'm unfeeling. we did our best (as parents) mrs rhodes, however, admits that raising a family "has not been easy for the couple the queen has quently been forced to put the country before her family. you must not forget that she came to the throne as a very young woman as any working mother will tell you, it's quite a job juggling your job and your children. do you stay in and read your children a bedtime story or go off on an omcial engagement? the queen is a wonderful woman but one who has always had a very strong sense of duty.

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