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Вставить пропущеные слова в тексте vera: i've got some flour and some butter, and two lemons. what can i make? jill: have you ? vera: yes. i see the sugar on the shelf. jill: that's good. you can make a lemon cake. put and the sugar in a bowl. heat the butter frying pan and add to the bowl. cut the lemons with a knife and add the lemons bowl. add a little salt and mix them together spoon. cake in the oven for 30 minutes.

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The majority of the court concentrated its objections on the way death-penalty laws had been applied, finding the result so "harsh, freakish, and arbitrary" as to be constitutionally unacceptable. because of their mental retardation, these men and women cannot understand fully what they did wrong and many cannot even comprehend the punishment that awaits them. выделите члены предложения(синтаксический разбор)
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Вставить пропущеные слова в тексте vera: i've got some flour and some butter, and two lemons. what c...

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