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Поставить вопрос к выделенным членам предложения.(выделены капслоком) 1) we some friends to lunch every sunday. 2) my aunt comes to moscow very often. 3)she spent last summer in france. 4)simon always does his maths homework. 5)tim usually goes to school by taxi. 6)she will go to the cinema with us if she is free. 7)they will help us translate the text as it is too difficult. 8)she didn"t tell the truth yesterday , so i couldn't help her. 9)we shall go there as soon as he comes.

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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 18:30, кек945
Выбрать и обвести нужную форму глагола.1.my brother (repairs/will repair/repaired )my bike yesterday.2.my little sister usually (plays/will play/played)puzzles in the evening.3.mag (does/will do/did)the washing up half an hour ago.4.alex (doesn't/won't/didn't)water the flowers yesterday.5.his grandma (doesn't/won't/didn't)go to the country tomorrow.
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 08:00, алинка554
Поверните от прямого в непрямой речи. 1. "i didn't break the window" said the little boy. 2. "eat your dinner" mother said to him. 3. "have you seen this film" jane asked mary. 4. "i had an argument with mark yesterday" said flora. 5. "the new guests will arrive tomorrow" explained the manager. 6. "go to the blackboars" said the teacher. 7. "you have to
tidy your room" said his mother.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 16:29, DariaTheBest5
Рабочая тетрадь. автор: кузовлев. страница 93,урок 2,номер 1. описание: нужно сразу решение и не больше. заранее
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Английский язык, 04.03.2019 07:27, иван1155
Fill in the words: souvenirs, varied, local, seasick, booked laura got ………….. during her cruise from spain to portugal. britain has got a very ……………landscape, including mountains, forests, beautiful seacoasts and valleys. have you already …………… the tickets to new york? my mother likes to buy……………
for her sisters on holidays. we went to a small village to meet the native people and to try the ……………. cuisine. put the words into 3 columns: boat, car, helicopter, coach, plane, yacht by air by land by sea fill in phrasal verbs: set off, set aside, set back, sets in the new shopping center
wasn’t ready and the opening was ……….. for a few weeks. we must plant these trees before the cold weather ……………. you should ………. some money to buy a new car. what time will we ……………. for the airport tomorrow?
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Английский язык, 15.03.2019 18:33, Даша83934
1)“i enjoy thrillers”, said dima.2)“we will go to sochi next week”, said polina.3)“i have written an essay on literature”, said kirill.4)“polina can swim well”, said jane.5)“translate the text! ” said ilya.6)“i am doing my homework now”, said kate.7)“don’t run! ” said lev.8)“do you like strawberry jam? ” asked slava.9)“where do koalas live? ” asked vitalina.10)“when is your birthday? ” asked yura.11)“we have english three times a week”, said artyom.12)“i have been to the zoo twice”, said vova.13)“i am chatting with my friends now”, said alisa.14)“we watched a very interesting movie two days ago”, said timofey.15)“i can run fast”, said vlad.16)“don’t make noise! ” said nastya.17)“help me with my homework”, said danya.18)“can you go with me? ” asked katya.19)“our dog is clever”, said daniil.20)“we will have a test tomorrow”, said zhenya.
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Английский язык, 16.03.2019 11:30, evgen90079
Put the verbs in brackets into the past perfect or past simple. after he (get) ready, he (leave) for his office and (start) doing his work as usual. a few hours later mr fulham, his boss, (ask) to see him john was nervous. he (think) that his boss would give him some bad news. but he was completely wrong! mr fulham (decide) to give john a promotion and he (call) john into his office to give him the good news. he also told him that he was sending him to new york, where he could meet his colleagues from the central office. john (never/feel) so happy in his life. he (decide) that from then on he would start playing more attention to his dreams! ! поставьте слова в скобках в past perfect или в past !
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Поставить вопрос к выделенным членам предложения.(выделены капслоком) 1) we some friends to lunch ev...

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